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Posted by Angela Hoffmann on Feb 22, 2022 8:15:00 AM

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Moving on to Chapter 3 in our Attributes of a Successful Real Estate Agent series we'll take a look at adopting an everlearning mindset.

Lifelong learning is the idea that you are never finished educating yourself and growing. A very significant trait that is possessed by successful business people is that they are ever-learners.  They possess a type of curiosity about life in general, which of course extends to their business life.  

The pursuit of knowledge is easier than it has ever been before, as technological advances can relay information instantaneously to our fingertips. It’s a modern-day privilege to take this convenience and utilize it in productive ways.

Learning can take on many forms; from learning new software or skills in your job to getting new certification or training. Listening to podcasts, taking online classes, teaching new skills to someone else. Simply reading books are all a way to continue to educate yourself throughout your life.

The importance of being an ever learner is realizing that you can always continue to progress and grow in your education. You will never know everything and there will always be that opportunity for you to learn, and therefore be able to offer more to yourself and your sphere. 

Studies and success stories show that being an ever learner is crucial for business success. 


How to adopt a lifelong learning mindset


1. Recognize your own interests and goals

Reflect on what you’re passionate about and what you envision for your own future. Think of hobbies, sports or activities you’ve always wanted to try personally. Businesswise, think about new technologies or new ways to improve on what you're doing right now. 

2. Have a to-learn list 

Use this as your jumping-off point that you can later explore when you have a moment to reflect. It’s almost like your learning bucket list. List out all you can possibly want to learn personally and or professionally.

3. Structure dedicated learning time into your schedule 

Fitting a new learning goal into your busy life takes consideration and effort. If you don’t make time and space for it, it won’t happen. It can easily lead to discouragement or quitting the learning initiative altogether.  I find having dedicated time during the week (Sundays) helps me stay consistent in achieving my learning goal. Understanding the time and space you can devote to the learning goal can help you to stick with the goal in the long run.

4. Make a commitment

Committing to your decision to engage in a new learning initiative is the final and most important step. If you’ve set realistic expectations and have the self-motivation to see it through, commit to it and avoid making excuses.


How to incorporate ever learning into your real estate career

Being an ever learner in this industry involves taking the time to improve your skills and your knowledge. The most successful real estate agents are the ones who invest their time and their money in staying on top of their game.


Here is a checklist of some of the things you can do:


  • Perform surveys
    • We can learn a lot from the ‘low’ scores, if you maintain an open and objective mindset, use this information as your springboard to improve
  • Book a meeting with your broker or mentor
    • Ask those you respect in the business for tips and ideas on how to improve your business
  • Attend seminars, workshops and training sessions
    • Include in your budget to pay for and attend conferences, trainings and workshops to sharpen your skills and stay relevant in the business 
  • Learn scripts
    • Practice and role-play how you handle objections and discuss tough topics like commissions and proper pricing
  • Check out and shadow other successful agents
    • As my dad always said, ‘Angela, steal with your eyes’, watch what the experts do and mimic their good habits and behaviours
  • Hire a coach
    • Everyone can benefit from a good coach that can give you high-level guidance towards success in your career

We are vested in your success. If you wish to dive into this topic a little deeper or would like to explore whether or not business coaching would be for you, please contact us at or book an appointment by clicking the Let's Talk button below.

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