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Tips on Creating Your Real Estate Bio

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A strong bio is a powerful way to help build your personal brand and connect with clients. When done well, your potential clients will see that you are more than just a real estate agent. They’ll see you as a real person, one they can relate to and trust. It helps establish your credibility even before you open your mouth to speak, which is important for making a good first impression and boosting your persuasiveness. When you're writing your bio, you want to focus on how the audience perceives you, rather than how you perceive yourself.


8 Tips to Creating an Outstanding Bio

Tip 1: Your story

Your bio should aim to tell your story by tracing where you are now, back to where you started. What are the experiences that shaped your current strengths, and perspectives that got you to where you are today? What accomplishments contributed to your expertise in real estate today? 

Also, providing some insight into your personal life can be a great tool for connecting with potential clients. Let them see you as a real person! Supply them with some info about your family and extracurricular activities. Do you like pets? Sports? Showing your interests can help others better understand your current personality and perspective. Just keep it brief and light and don’t get too intimate.


Tip 2: Include your professional experience

Have a page in your presentations and packages that show off your skills, education, awards and expertise. Keep it simple and show only your best achievements. Don’t belabour your prospect with an excessive list. If they want more, you can provide a complete list of credentials as an appendix.

For example, if you’re creating a bio for your listing presentation, you’ll want to include and highlight your achievements, awards and skills that show that you are the one that can sell their house, as opposed to your skill sets that should be highlighted in what you would put into your buyer package.

What Makes A Unique Value Proposition

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A value proposition is a promise of value that is delivered by one individual or organization to another. It’s the primary reason why someone would want to work with you. Everyone in business should have not only a value proposition, but a unique one! 

A unique value proposition should make you stand out from the competition in a positive way. Therefore, it’s important to establish a niche for yourself and be an expert in that field; as well as be able to communicate this to your prospective audience.

4 Steps To Creating Your Unique Value Proposition:

1: Determine what you want to bring to the table that will set you apart


Ask yourself some serious questions:
  • Do you know what it is that you do that is unique, special or different when serving your clients?
  • How will you be able to separate yourself from your competition?
  • Why would an individual want to work with you instead of another agent?
  • Why should an individual work exclusively with you, instead of having several agents working for them?
  • Are you able to confidently charge full commission based on your value and expect to receive it?

A Profitable Brokerage Starts with Clarity of Your Vision and Goals

The clarity and commitment to your vision and goals will ultimately pave a path to your destiny and your success. The problem is that typically they are not clearly defined.

Vision - goibroker.com

I have discovered that the typical broker was a successful REALTOR who would never consider compromising their commissions to a potential customer. They would have a strong listing presentation that would identify their points of distinction. They take time and effort in a strategic manner in order to validate their services to command the fee they feel they are worth. One of the methods is to prove that by listing their home with them, the customer would net more money in less time than their competitors. The disturbing part is that many of them did not take that skill and apply it to their brokerage business.