How to Outlist the Competition

Posted by Angela Hoffmann on May 19, 2020 8:33:39 AM


You’ve all heard it before, you’ve got to list to last in the business and it all starts with a dynamic, informative and engaging Pre-List Package.

You must present yourself and the price, very well.   

Imagine arriving at an appointment to find that the sellers already know about you and what makes you the best choice to sell their home.  

The pre-listing package and the listing presentation are the one-two punch that provides sellers with all the information they need about the selling process and how your services will benefit them. 

Here are some compelling reasons to sending out a Pre-listing Package:

  1. Introduces you and your company
  2. Helps establish your credibility
  3. Position you as an expert Real Estate Professional
  4. Begins the rapport building process
  5. Saves time at the listing presentation – this is my favourite!
  6. Stand out from your competition - since the average agent to this day still does not use a pre-listing package as part of their listing process.

The two main messages you need to portray in your pre-listing package are:

  1. The significance of pricing their home correctly.

  2. The fact that you are different from the other agents in the market place

We want you to be successful and confident when dealing with sellers, so we invite you to download the Pre-Listing Package checklist below.

At The Profit Centre, we can help you put together a plan to make a stellar pre-list process. 

To find out how, click here to set up a complimentary call.


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