Take Your Presentation Virtual!

Posted by Angela Hoffmann on Apr 24, 2020 10:00:00 AM

Take Your Presentation Virtual


Thankfully, we live in a time that allows us to conduct many aspects of our business virtually. To keep your sales process going when you're not able to meet in person you should consider taking your presentation virtual.

Here are three tips that can help you deliver an effective presentation.

Set Yourself up for Success

The key to an excellent presentation is a solid plan. You have to plan the time, location, software, back up plan, etc.. Think ahead of all the things you need before the presentation. If you plan correctly, your virtual presentation should be seamless.

Pay attention to your lighting. Too much light from behind makes your face hard to see, so be sure to have good even lighting from in front of you.

Check your sound through your chosen platform. It is always best to use earbuds, a headset or your computer’s internal microphone. Look for noise cancelling features that are in some platforms such as Zoom.

What’s behind you matters. Check what is visible in your camera background before you start. It is simpler to use a plain wall or even a virtual background feature that is found in some platforms.

Right Tools
You will need the right tools. Look into platforms and services to support your virtual appointment. Zoom, Go To Meeting, RingCentral, EZtalks meetings, Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Slides are all great options. Do your research, and find tools that can enhance your presentation.

Do not let the first time you use your presentation technology be in front of the client. Grab a friend, family member or coworker to do a run through. You can even record yourself and watch the recording later to make improvements.


Connect Like You’re in Person

Engaging with your client virtually will make them feel like they are right there sitting next to you. People build trust through eye contact and body language. You can make a connection with your client virtually by looking into the camera directly and try not to read off your notes. Generate discussion, don’t just talk to them. Remember, the appointment is about them, not about you.

Be sure to take breaks between slides, and ask questions. Get a feel for what they’re looking for both in their sale and in an agent. Use what you learn to adjust the rest of your presentation and really focus on what they need.

You want to end the appointment with them knowing that they can count on you to get the job done.


Be Ready to Close the Deal

Yes, it can be done virtually.

Take advantage of all the digital tools at your disposal which will enable you to close the deal smoothly.

What do you need? A signing platform for one. Here are some good programs you can look into; Docusign, Signnow, Hellosign, Signeasy, adobe document cloud, adobe sign, sign request, right signature, panda doc, one span sign.

When reviewing the paperwork have the contract and all necessary paperwork already uploaded.

Even though you may not be able to have an in person presentation, it shouldn’t discourage you from winning new business. With proper preparation and practice you can make a great impression on your prospects and clients and win the listing or the buyer.

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